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Paintings by the Sun

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Aug. 12th, 2008 | 08:07 pm
posted by: danparables in bipolarcreate

Lord, write the book of my life. Let your Son/Sun bring light to radiate and color my world.

I overlooked my campus and saw a Mighty Cross of Amazing Grace overlooking all. It gazed at the white "S" amidst the green astro turf canvass. The crowd, too numerous to count, seemed as little, colored, dotted paints of light to the Mighty Cross, but at the same time each individual speck amounted to everything in the way of importance.

If He looked close enough and He did, He could make out me. I was in the stands amidst the crowd.

Then He astonished me, the Lord handed me a cowbell. With this small instrument in hand, I was to direct the crowd to a large Cross overhead-- the Sun Himself. Many people feared that if they got too close to the Sun, they would burn up. They were right. They couldn't even get a complete picture of the Sun from a distance and needed sunglasses to simply gaze at Him.

But as an instrument of God, I had some the crowd's attention. I was playing my part with the cowbell-- letting them know they needed new bodies to approach the Sun. The individuals in the crowd would have to die to self just as the Mighty Cross/the Sun had died for them-- that they might start a new life in communion one with the Sun.

Lord, God, I don't just want to paint a pretty picture of words. I want You to write Yourself through me.

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